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Latest Updates:

Board meetings are held the third Saturday from April to October at 10 am at the Tyrone Municiple building..

Lake Levels

The lake levels will be lowered around a foot starting the week of October 13th for the purpose of breakfront repair. It will be very difficult to get boats out once the level drops that low.  We will maintain that level until the beginning of November. After that, we will allow the lake to rise to our winter level which is 1098.

Meeting Minutes

LWLA BOD Minutes 2014-09-20

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Boat Parade pictures


Welcome to Lamoka & Waneta Lake Association Website

The Lamoka Waneta Lakes’ Association was founded in 1938 and incorporated in 1965. The purpose of the Association as set forth in the by-laws are:

 1)  To diligently work toward the environmental protection, enhancement and enrichment of the Lamoka and Waneta Lakes’ ecosystem.

 2)  To work toward developing environmentally beneficial land uses and land controls in the Lamoka and Waneta Watershed region.

 3)  To promote, encourage, and enhance the quality and variety of recreational opportunities in the Lamoka and Waneta Lakes region.

 4)  To contribute to the economic viability of the region through greater recreational opportunities.

 5)  To advocate for support from public and private bodies for assistance in the advancement of the above stated goals and other goals.

 6)  To foster cooperation among various entities, including towns, counties, and residents & property owners, in order to advance the above
stated goals.

Lamoka Lake is a small crescent-shaped lake in the western part of New York, USA. The lake is located at the border of Schuyler County and Steuben County. Most of the lake is in Schuyler County with only a small part, called "Mill Pond," at the southwest corner in Steuben County. The name "Lamoka" is a native word meaning "Mud Lake" which was once another name used for Lamoka Lake.Lamoka Lake is located at b42°24′23″N 77°04′41″W / 42.40639°N 77.07806°W / 42.40639; -77.07806.

Waneta Lake is a small lake in the Finger Lakes region of the state of New York in the United States. The lake straddles the border of Schuyler County and Steuben County, and is within the towns of Tyrone and Wayne. Waneta Lake is 3.5 miles long (north-to-south) and half a mile wide (east-to-west), and lies just east of the southern branch of Keuka Lake. The lake is at a42°27′56″N 77°06′17″W / 42.46556°N 77.10472°W / 42.46556; -77.10472 (Waneta Lake)