Waneta Lake, once known as "Little Lake," is a small lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The lake straddles the border of Schuyler County and Steuben County, and is within the towns of Tyrone and Wayne. Waneta Lake is 3.5 miles long, north-to-south, half a mile wide and lies just east of the southern branch of Keuka Lake. Lamoka Lake, once known as "Mud Lake," rests south of Waneta connected by a .7 mile channel that flows through Waneta-Lamoka Wildlife Management Area.

President, Terry Allison writes November 7, 2015 . . .

Solicitation letters for Spring 2016 invasive species treatment were sent out. Due to a great shortfall in our treatment funds, it was necessary to ask property owners for extra financial help. As of this writing, many of you have responded favorably and the fund is growing. For those of you who wish to contribute but haven’t as of yet, we will continue to accept donations at your convenience. The area to be treated will be determined by the amount of funds we have.

There has been great concern for the condition of the channels at the north-end of Waneta Lake. NYSEG has contracted out to do a cleaning and dredging of the area and is awaiting permits from the DEC. The work will most likely begin in early Spring. We continue to have an open dialogue with NYSEG with our concerns over the build-up of sludge and algae that plague this area. Many neighbors have complained about the terrible order that it emits. I have been in contact with NYSEG as recently as 11-7. I will keep you informed.

Membership mailing will go out around the 1st of January. Included will be a calendar of events. Check out the new “Pontoon Palooza” activity; more to come on that later!

The lake level device that we ordered last year came across some technical difficulties. We were unable to access a cellular signal with the installed modem so it was sent back to the factory for an exchange to a different server. At present, we are awaiting its return with fingers crossed that it will be able to transmit from the area we want to install it at.

Lamoka Waneta Lakes' Association
PO Box 55, Tyrone, NY 14887
For the betterment of the two finest lakes in New York State
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